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Seogwipo, Jeju Island

Seogwipo, Jeju Island

I recently read an article on doyouyoga about how a wheel and back bend (some yoga poses for those new to the lingo), landed a yogi a book deal. The author goes on to explain how certain yoga poses are all about looking back on your life, and others are all about looking forward, and how this realisation helped her explore her writing.

Before coming to Korea, I wrote a lot of poetry: dark, soul searching, woe is me, who am I? yadeeyadeeyada poetry. Since coming here, I have bought a number of journals (my favourite thing besides Starbucks coffee mugs to collect), and I have written a total of ONE poem in them. That’s ONE poem in a year and a half. And what was that poem about? Being homesick (in short, nothing happy), and that’s when it hit me.

Watching the sunrise over Mt. Badur, Bali

Watching the sunrise over Mt. Badur, Bali

For so long I used poetry as a way to deal with the wayward emotions that I didn’t know how to verbally express or share with other people, but guess what traveling does to you? IT OPENS YOU UP. That’s right, your entire self gets exposed to the entire world and everything that was hiding inside suddenly comes pouring out and you’re left standing naked in a room full of strangers. And you know what? It’s. Freaking. Awesome.

I stopped writing for a long time while I was here because I thought if I wasn’t writing poetry, then what the heck could I write? I didn’t realise that this blog, this ridiculous chronicle of my journeys and bits of advice to you (the one or two readers that read this, that is), are my writings. I still love poetry, I love it’s nuances and patterns, the way certain words will fit together on your tongue better than others, and I love it’s complexity; but for me, life right now isn’t complex. It’s simple, it’s beautiful, and it’s honest…and how could I possibly write complex, soul searching, woe is me poetry when life is so open and honest? The simple answer: I can’t.

Creative expression in Eonyang

Creative expression in Eonyang

So, in light of that, this page will be an experiment of sorts.

Here, I will attempt new writing: little bits of memoir, short stories (maybe some 6 words ones? woohoo), flash fiction, news articles, opinion pieces, and, maybe, just maybe, some happy poetry that comes from this new place where I’ve said everything that I need to say and the rest is just bonus material at the end of the track.

And since I know I’m not the only traveler who puts pen to paper, I invite you to join me. Or not, your choice. Either way, I hope your travels lead you to a place of simple happiness and honest joy, whether you’re a writer, yogi, or other.

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