Blog: Tidbits on How to Live Light


Words of inspiration that I found in Bali

For a lot of people, the word “light’, when used in any context besides turn on/turn off, can sound pretty corny. So, before you scoff or get scared, let me explain what I mean by “living light”. Living light is precisely about lightening our load: whether it’s our mental baggage, our emotional turmoil, or our excess pounds. When we live lighter, when we allow ourselves to feel and be lighter in who we are, we will find that the world becomes a more welcoming place. Best of all, we find that it’s one we want to be welcomed into, and one which we feel we deserve to be welcomed into.

I know, I know. Shedding all of that junk is much easier said than done, so below you can find some words of wisdom, tips & tricks, and general ideas from yours truly on how I live light; hopefully, the words will inspire you to shed the excess weight (metaphorically AND physically), so that you can feel lighter in every way.

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