Be Inspired: Join Me on My Journey


The Journey thus Far

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with my weight. It doesn’t help that I have a tendency to make friends with women who are shorter, and by default, smaller than I am; and, in the type of society we live, I couldn’t help comparing myself to them. If I’m being perfectly honest, I still find myself comparing my own body with theirs. Of course, this makes no sense whatsoever from a logical, biological point of view; I’m 5’10, and they are 5’4…I have SIX INCHES on them. SIX. We are not supposed to weight the same, we are not supposed to look the same and we are DEFINITELY not supposed to have the same body type or fit into the same clothes.

So why the heck do I insist on doing it? Why do I keep sabotaging myself with these unhealthy comparisons? Well, because for so long I was unhappy with who I was and how I looked, that it’s become second nature to think the words “I wish.” For those of you who do the same, I’m here to tell you: NO MORE. We are not going to do that to ourselves anymore. Here’s why:

1. It’s unhealthy

We will never be or feel lighter if we keep weighing ourselves down with these toxic thoughts. I’m bad with assigning quotes to authors, but “mind over matter” is definitely key here. If we always tell ourselves that our friend, or that model, or that random stranger drinking cute girl water has a better body than us, then we will never have the body we want and we will never be at peace with the one we have. Stop shitting on yourself, and start loving yourself.

2. It doesn’t make sense

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. In the fight against racism, sexism, and genderism (is that a word?), and every other -ism there is, then yes, “on the inside, we are all the same.” But when it comes to our physical health, we are NOT the same, and we shouldn’t keep acting and thinking like we are. Learn your body, listen to your body and then figure out what’s right for YOUR body. That girl in the next car over might have a faster metabolism than you, the guy on the subway could have a thyroid problem, that random stranger might be 6 inches shorter than you. The truth, we ARE physically different, and if we don’t start focusing on what is right for our individual health, then we will forever be missing what will make us lighter, stronger and happier.

3. If we don’t love ourselves, why the hell should anyone else?

Maybe this sounds harsh, but sometimes a little tough love goes a long way. I learned this the hard way; I kept expecting other people to love me, and wondered (especially during those teenage angst years), why nobody did. I wondered why I felt isolated, why I felt I wasn’t “as cool” as other people, why I didn’t feel like I had as many friends, or why it didn’t seem like people were interested in me romantically. Looking back, I can think, “well DUH, it’s  because you didn’t LIKE or LOVE yourself.” At the time though, that was pretty hard to see, because all I could think of was the external, and I was too scared to take a look closer to home. Here’s your chance, and your space, to be brave. Ask yourself, really ask yourself, what you love about yourself. Can you name at least one thing, with complete sincerity? If the answer is no, then you need to learn to love yourself, because if you can’t name one good thing about you (and you know yourself best), then it’s going to be pretty hard for others to do too.

These 3 small things have taken me a long time to figure out, and an even longer one to put into practice; but, since I’ve done that, my journey to a healthier, happier me has progressed A TON. So, in the hopes that my own struggles and accomplishments and continued work will help you, I invite you to join me on my journey to a lighter me…and, as always, I’m just a comment or email away if you have extra questions or random thoughts to share 🙂


Getting There


A person is only as good as the actions that keep their word (I know, a spin on the original, but true nonetheless), so it’s time for me to keep mine. A few weeks ago, I started this new “Live Light” page and invited you to join me on my journey of weight loss, getting fit, and learning to be happier person by living light in my body, heart and mind. Now, it’s time to uphold my end of that invitation by updating the progress. So, from here on in, you can find links below to the blunders, hiccoughs, and hopefully triumphs, that I experience on this journey. I equally hope that they inspire you to stay the course, and help you know that you’re not alone on this journey.

Live Light: Nailing the Headstand Prep (aka Trust Yourself, & Don’t Hate the Cute Chicks)



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