Live Light *NEW*

DoYouYoga Article

My first article about living light!

I wrote a thing! It was published on a website! For anyone who has ever wanted to write, and who has struggled to write, or thought “impossible, this is never going to happen”, that first email saying your work has gone live (even if you aren’t getting paid for it), is a feeling beyond description.

Seriously, I was skyping my long-distance boyfriend Sunday night (his Sunday morning), and the conversation about buying a yoga wheel for our non-existent apartment suddenly derailed into squeals of delight, a lot of flustered dancing, and general incomprehensible sounds for the next hour or so (actually, who am I kidding, I’m still internally incomprehensible), when I saw that email come in.

What was even more unexpected was the response to the article I wrote about healthy living.                                                      Less than 24 hours later, andBlog it had 545 shares, my blog had been visited by the most people it has EVER had, and I had new followers on instagram. For a first time writer, that was pretty mind blowing. Which got me to thinking, a lot of people, like me, struggle with weight loss, with healthy eating, with moderation, with saying no to the temptations, and with trying to live an active Supportlifestyle. And, for a lot of people who have just started that healthy living journey, the need for support is even more crucial…so, I thought, why not do this together? And hence, “Live Light” was born.

Live Light, just like Travel Light, is all about being light in your mind, spirit and self. It’s about                                                 leaving behind your BeInspiredburdens, unpacking your bag(gage), and starting each day with the “fresh start” mentality. With this in mind, I want Live Light to be a page where we can laugh together, lose together and generally be freaking pissed off about how hard the struggle to live light, eat right and get tight sometimes is.



I want to share my ever continuing journey to do just those things with you, and I hope that you can find comfort in it, be inspired by it, and let it remind you that you’re never alone in this.


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