Stories from Korea

Dinner and a Show

A little late on the now hilarious night out Uri, Monique, other Kat and I had the other week.  It was our second weekend as fulltime native English teachers, and we went down to Taehwa river park to participate in sports day; though we were there to raise money for […]

Seoknam, not Seongnam, sa

The Sunday after Lanny took me to Tongdosa, we headed to Seoknamsa for morning prayer. By the way, even though it’s sometimes pronounced Seongnamsa, it really is spelt Seoknamsa; I confused many of my friends and co-workers trying to determine  which one of the “two” I had been too. I […]

Tongdosa Discoveries

  After my first week of teaching, Lanny took me on a surprise trip to Tongdosa (Tongdo temple). It happened like this: on the way back from school (she drove me, because she’s an angel), Lanny casually asked me if I had ever been to Tongdosa. Being a newbie, I […]

Orientation Novella

My first time waking up in Korea, the jet lag was compensated by the incredible view out my dorm room window: mountains, a distant “city” (we found out why city is in brackets later), and exotic plants. What more could we ask for? Well, a few things as we came […]

From Toronto to Teacher

One very dark and early morning in August, I loaded up 2 overweight pieces of luggage and one way bigger than standard sized carry-on into the back of my mom’s Mazda 5 and bid adieu to childhood home. Having graduated university in June, I was more than ready to embark […]