#8 Sunday: Post 10

Double digits! Although it’s definitely been more than 10 weeks since I’ve joined Weekend Writing Warriors, I’m still happy to have reached 10 posts. Hopefully, I can keep the momentum going in the busy weeks of packing, crossing off last-minute Korea bucket list items, and goodbyes to come! As always, head over to Weekend Writing Warriors to check out other writing, get introduced to some new authors, and join a wonderful online community.

This week, my snippet is taken from another discussion between Lady Ailig, Gwayn, and Roslin. This time, however, the women are joined by Sir Manius; since arriving at Padruig Keep, Gwayn has been disappearing off and on with Lady Ailig, and this has upset Manius to no end as he is supposed to be protecting the Princess. We enter the scene after Manius has just finished scolding Gwayn, reminding her that he was charged by her uncle, and Payton to mind her, and keep her safe. Happy reading!

Gwayn lifted her gaze to meet Manius’s, and what he saw there froze the answer in his throat. Fire flamed behind Gwayn’s eyes; liquid, purple, and hot. 

“Mind me?” she repeated, the words beginning to swell. “Keep me?” Her voice rolled like thunder through Manius’s head. 

The cup in Gwayn’s hands rattled, and Manius grunted as he felt himself lose control of his body. Fog descended quickly over his brain, blurring his vision and paralyzing his limbs; he could do nothing more than blink in protest.

“You forget yourself,” said Gwayn, and the silence that followed her words echoed painfully against the Knights’ ear drums, the pressure building until his eyes watered from the pain. Fear began to bloom in his chest, threatening to claw its way into his stomach and take up residence. 

“Gwendolyn.” Lady Ailig spoke softly, but the sound of her voice cut through the spell; as quickly as the pressure had built, it was gone, and Manius slumped forward, one hand braced against a knee as he struggled to catch his breath.

“I think,” Lady Ailig continued, her calm betraying the emotions filling the room, “that it be time to visit the Druids.”


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