#8 Sunday: Post 9

I can’t believe it’s already June! My sisters have come to Korea, and gone, which means it’s now only 2.5 months until I pack my bags for good and head back to Canada! In the meantime, it`s time for some more writing. As always, you can head over to Weekend Writing Warriors to check out other work, discover new authors, and join a great online community.

This week, my snippet focuses on a conversation between Gwayn, her great-aunt Ailig (the Lady of Padruig Keep), and Lady Ailig`s First Knight, Roslin.  Gwayn has only just arrived at the keep, and is discussing her newly discovered magic, Sheila, and the source of Sheila`s powers with Lady Ailig.

Hope you enjoy today’s snippet, and happy reading!

“Sheila’s magic is in her blood, is it not? Much the same as mine is.” 

“Yes,” said Lady Ailig, but something in the tone of her voice had Gwayn withdrawing her hands from her aunt’s.

“What is it?” said Gwayn, trepidation colouring her voice, “what are you not telling me?”

Lady Ailig fell silent for a moment; her eyes tightened at the corners, and she pressed her lips closed against words that would bring even more pain to her niece. 

“There be magic in Sheila’s blood, aye” she finally continued, each word falling heavily from her lips, “but it be not the same magic that runs in yours.”

“I don’t understand,” said Gwayn. 

From beside the fireplace, Roslin spoke, and her words cut to Gwayn’s heart more surely than if the Knight had plunged her sword into the Princess’s chest. 

“She’s not your sister.”



12 replies

  1. Nice dialect with the characters. That last line made my heart jump. Great snippet! I had a look through your blog and I enjoyed the tips you share about living abroad. I see that you live in Ulsan, Korea. I taught ESL in Spain for two years myself.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! I do live in Ulsan, sadly headed back to Canada soon to pursue some more education. I would love to get to Spain, eventually!

  2. So very hard when you get your hopes up…. I feel bad for Gawyn, but even more so for Sheila. Sounds like she might be set in the middle of family strife that isn’t even hers to deal with.

    • LOVE that this is how you feel about Sheila, especially. I’m trying to set her up as a more sympathetic character (despite the bad she’s going to do), because she’s definitely not the master mind behind what’s going to happen.

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