#8 Sunday: Post 8

This week’s 8 is brought to you by vanilla lattes, and a good hike. One of the things I love about the tail end of Spring in Korea is that the weather is perfect for lugging some water up a mountain; one of the things I hate about the tail end of Spring in Korea is that the weather is perfect for lugging some water up a mountain. Too often I forget to do my writing because I’d much rather be navigating dirt trails and unstable rocks, but lucky for me I remembered on one of those hikes that I DID have writing to do, and retreated into a vanilla latte to save my butt and trick my tired brain into editing some phrases for this week’s 8.

As always, head over to Weekend Writing Warriors to check out other writers, read some great works, and get involved in an awesome online community. Happy reading, and happy almost-summer!

This week, we follow Manius and Gwayn as they make their way to the stony shores on horseback. Gwayn is going to meet her aunt, Lady Ailig, to find answers about why Sheila has been sabotaging the search for Melle, and to confront the Druids about the lessons Sheila took with them. In this snippet, Manius and Gwayn are approaching Lady Ailig’s keep, and stop to look out toward the Druids’ distant isle, which they can spy from the cliffs of Padruig (Lady Ailig’s city).

“The Druids?” Manius asked.

Gwayn nodded.

“Aye,” she said, “they’ll know I’m here by now, and they’ll know why.”

Manius glanced toward the Princess when she said that; he frowned at her immovable expression as she stared out to sea, and the anger that dared the fog to part before them. 

“And why is that?” Manius said, careful to keep his voice nonchalant.

Gwayn looked at Manius, piercing him with that same hard stare, and in that moment he saw unfathomable power in her eyes, and a fury so cold he silently wished mercy on the person who unleashed it.  

“I mean to find out how they taught Sheila to hate, and what happened to Melle; I am certain they’re responsible for my sisters’s fates. I will have the Druids set things right.”

“And if they refuse to aid you?”

“Pity them,” said Gwayn, all remaining traces of warmth gone from her voice and face, “for I shall show them none.”


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