#8 Sunday: Post 7

Where is my brain? It seems I forgot to sign up for last week’s challenge, again! That being the case, I now have more story than I know what to do with, and am excited to share all of it with you; but, since we’re sticking to 8 sentences, I’ll settle for a little at a time.

This week, my snippet is from a scene between one of the Knights, Manius, and Gwayn. After Melle’s disappearance, Manius agreed to help Gwayn learn how to use a sword; their training has to be done in secret, of course, because Sheila has forbidden anyone to help Gwayn in any way. It seems Sheila returned from her trip to the Druids with some interesting character developments!

As always, head over to Weekend Writing Warriors to check out some other writers, and to join an awesome online community. Happy reading!

“Again,” he commanded, lunging forward, “Again.”

Exhausted, Gwayn retreated, putting everything she had into simply deflecting Manius’ attacks.

“Enough,” she finally said, stepping back from Manius’ next advance. Not speaking or moving quickly enough, Manius’ wooden sword struck Gwayn in the side; she cried out, clutching a hand to her right ribs.

“Gwayn!” he said, dropping the sword and coming to her side.

“It’s fine,” Gwayn snapped, embarrassed at being caught so off guard.

“Don’t be ridiculous, if that had been a real sword you’d be a bloody mess right now,” said Manius, his fingers reaching out to check Gwayn’s ribs. 

Gwayn stepped back out of his reach, brushing his hands away, “I said, it’s fine.”


5 replies

  1. I’m glad it wasn’t a real sword. Nice job conveying Gwayn’s stubbornness. This is my first time visiting your blog and I find this story to be intriguing.

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