#8 Sunday: Post 7

Last week, I sat down at my local coffee shop to post my #8 Sunday only to realise that I had forgotten to sign up for the challenge that week, woops! So, to make up for my mistake, this week…there be dragons! In this scene, the twins are out for some fresh air after Sheila’s medical episode; since then their uncle has kept them inside in order to better protect them and they’re using his absence to steal some downtime in the forest.

As always, head to Weekend Writing Warriors to check out some other #8 Sunday snippets, discover new authors, and get involved in a great online community!  Hope you enjoy this week’s 8!

“NO!” Gwayn yelled, urging Melle to stay away even as she launched her strong body onto the back of the beast’s emerald length.

With a scream of fury, Melle pummelled her fists into the beast’s neck; she pulled a dagger from the small of her back and sank it into the creature’s flesh. With a roar of unspeakable rage, the creature threw back its head, sending its body, and Melle, twenty feet into the air. Melle scrambled to hold on, her bare feet digging for purchase on the impossibly smooth scales.

Suddenly free, Gwayn jumped to her feet and pulled Melle’s sword from its scabbard, the weight of the metal awkward in her untrained hands. Brandishing the sword clumsily, she hacked desperately at the beast’s bared belly, barely denting the heavy armor of its flesh.

“Melle, jump!” Gwayn yelled, urging her sister to let go while she could. She didn’t.


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