#8 Sunday: Post 6

Happy Easter!! Even though living overseas means that I miss out on some holidays with the famjam, it also means I get to open the most awesome mail full of Easter cards and chocolate; and the sugar was definitely some great inspiration for this week’s #8Sunday.

As always, you can head over to Weekend Writing Warriors to check out some other authors, explore new writing, and join a great online community. Happy reading and hope the Easter bunny has brought you lots of goodies ^-^

In this week’s 8 snippet, the effects of practicing too much magic finally catch up with Sheila, and her weakened body doesn’t respond well to an as-yet-unknown scare. In this scene, we meet the twins just after they have heard their older sister’s scream. Happy reading!

The terrified scream echoed through the castle, spilling out of the tower window and into the grounds. Placing the leather-bound book on the seat beside her, Gwayn jumped up and ran into the hallway, bumping into Melle coming in from the practice yard.

“Sheila”, said Melle with worry.

Gwayn simply nodded, and the girls sped off in search of their sister.

Pushing past the guards already starting to clog the hallway, Melle and Gwayn ran up the spiral stairs that led to Sheila’s chambers. The twins slowed when they saw Captain Armstrong leaning heavily on the door frame, concern etched onto his weather-lined face. Brushing past him, Melle rushed to her sister’s side.

Entering more slowly, Gwayn paused when she saw her uncle already in the room, still dressed in his council robes. Lord Aeneas knelt on the ground and held Sheila’s limp form to his chest, rocking her back and forth while he whispered her name repeatedly. Hearing the desperation in his voice, Gwayn froze where she stood, her eyes wide as she remembered another chamber, and another figure lying limp on the ground. 

Hope you enjoyed this week’s snippet; stay tuned for more information about the scream, and Gwayn’s memories. Cheers!


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