#8 Sunday: Post 5

This week has been beautiful! It’s +20 degrees (that’s Celsius, my American friends ^-^), and the cherry blossoms in Korea seem to have bloomed overnight. Though the warm weather and beautiful, Spring colours are definitely tempting, I did manage to sneak in some “indoor time” to do this week’s #8 Sunday.

As always, you can head to Weekend Writing Warriors to read some other snippets, discover more authors, and sign up to be part of an awesome, online community. Happy reading!

Now, for the snippet!

This week, the scene we’re looking at is one between Gwayn and her older sister, Sheila. Gwayn has come to talk to Sheila about her excessive use of magic, and instead finds her sister looking utterly defeated. If you remember from my #8Sunday: Post 3, Sheila is not, “by all natural laws”, supposed to rule Alba; this is definitely something to keep in mind when you’re reading this week’s 8. Hope you like this bit, and have fun getting to know the characters as much as I do 🙂

“It’s about power, you know. It’s always about power, and I need more of it. He needs more of it.”

“He?” Gwayn couldn’t help but ask.

“Alba,” Sheila quickly corrected herself, “Alba needs more power. I’m supposed to be Queen, but I don’t have enough power to be the Queen Alba needs, and deserves.”Sheila’s words were laced with panic, and Gwayn’s heart broke to hear her once confident sister sound so uncertain.

“The Gods will grant you more power, Sheila,” said Gwayn, pulling up bits of the Royal Prophecy from memory, “every scroll states that when the rightful heir places the crown upon their brow, they will automatically be given the power needed to rule Alba and the interconnecting lands, whatever that means.”

Expecting her sister to be comforted by these reassuring words, Gwayn was shocked when Sheila promptly buried her face in Gwayn’s dark blue skirts, and began to sob.




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