#8 Sunday: Post 4

This week, my #8Sunday is taken from the opening scene of Chapter 1 (Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3 are taken from the Prologue). In this snippet, the King has been dead 10 years and his youngest daughters, Melle and Gwayn, are 18. This week, my bit has less emotion than previous posts, and a little more of that sometimes necessary filler. Still, I hope you enjoy the read!

As always, head to Weekend Writing Warriors to discover new authors, to read some great excerpts, and to join the online writing community!

Gwayn looked up from where she knelt on the cool grass. The clear, blue sky was darkening quickly, and she hoped that the rain would hold off long enough for her to finish her task. Turning back to look at the grey stone, Gwayn brushed the platinum hair back from her brow, leaving streaks of dirt on her fair skin. Gwayn tugged at the weeds beginning to overtake her father’s tombstone, adding them to the basket already carrying the ones from her mother’s grave.


Ignoring her sister’s call, Gwayn continued to work quickly; the sky was growing blacker by the second. As she pulled the last of the offending green stems from the earth, Gwayn heard Melle’s agile feet hit the ground behind her.

“Melle!” Gwayn hissed, turning to glare at her dark-haired twin, “can’t you use the entrance like a normal person?”

 “Walking to the entrance takes more time. Plus,” Melle added, smiling wickedly, “vaulting the fence is more fun.”


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