Live Light: Getting Started with Yoga

Keep Calm Yoga

Courtesy of: Melody-Anne

If you’re new to yoga, have hit a snag in your yoga practice, or have just been away from the mat for 5 years and a day, it can be hard to know where to start (or continue). Lucky for us, there are already TONS of great resources, online tutorials, and web-based classes with some pretty kickass yoga instructors just waiting for us to discover them. Having done the search myself, I know it can be tricky finding “the right one”, so here are some links that I’ve found SUPER excellent; I hope they help you, wherever you are on your yoga and fitness journey.

The only inspiration you will ever need (ok, not really, but it’s great)

A lot of us have seen the video of the larger man doing yoga that went viral, but this video is so much better that. Whether you’re a yoga instructor, a new yogi, never going to be a yogi or just a random person stopping by, this video is AMAZING. It is incredible what a little perseverance, belief in yourself, and a support system can do for your body, your mental health and your overall wellness of being. If you don’t feel lighter after just watching this video, then I don’t know who you are! Skip to 35 seconds if you want to skip the review at the beginning.

The Best Websites (in my humble opinion)

1. DoYouYoga

Ok, this is the best yoga community out there. When I first started doing yoga, I started with a 30day yoga challenge hosted by doyouyoga, and taught by Erin Motz. To do this, I had to sign up for doyouyoga and thought “einh, I’ll send the email to my junk folder”. But, of course, I didn’t do that because I was practicing some good ‘ol inertia, and this is one time I’m glad the inertia won. In the past little while, I’ve been reading the articles, joining in on the discussions, and even wrote a wee something for the yoga community myself. You’ll be surprised by how many great finds there are: articles that are good not just for yogis, but for anybody who is looking to better themselves physically, mentally, or otherwise!

DoYouYoga is also home to TONS of free video courses, has giveaways of the week for the courses you need to buy, and also does regular discounts for tons of yoga inspired products. I managed to snag pretty much all of their available to buy videos for half the original price!


If you’re like me and love food and drinks and downtime, then you are part of the Erin Motz “bad yogi” club. Erin is a GREAT instructor with some awesome video classes; you can either head to her site to check out her personal stuff, or you can get some great freebies by typing in “30 day yoga challenge” into youtube. Her 30 day challenge is perfect for a newbie, or someone who has been out of yoga for a little while and needs a reintroduction (bonus: the classes are usually under 20 minutes, so you can fit them into any busy schedule).

3. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is another youtube yoga instructor with some awesome classes. Adriene offers longer classes than Erin does, so if you’re looking to deepen your routine, or get in a longer practice, then head to Adriene’s youtube channel for a TON of free videos that cover everything from morning yoga to runners’ warm ups, and travel yoga.  Adriene also has a lot of detox yoga flows, sequences that help other athletes (like all you runners out there), and goes more into specialty yoga for travelling, sleeping, waking up, and more!

If you still need some inspiration to get out of bed and get on the mat, you can head to my other favourite obsession, Pinterest, and visit my Live Well” board. On it, I have tons of motivational quotes, posters, intro routines, and simple feel good stuff that will inspire even the most reluctant yogi! So go ahead, get on your mat (or you floor with a folded towel if you don’t have a mat), and try it out…the worst that will happen is that you’ll feel great, live lighter and be happier.

**image source for “Keep Calm and Do Yoga”: Melody-Anne**


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