Live Light: Drink Tea, Feel Better

TL; DR: Drink tea. Drink tea. Drink tea.

Tea Ceremony

Japan: Green Tea Ceremony

Let’s lay it all out on the line, no secrets. I love tea, a lot. I love tea in an “I f***ing love tea” kind of way. Black, white, rooibos, mate, oolong, herbal, loose leaf, bagged, it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s tea; but, my absolute favourite tea, is green tea. Absolute. Favourite.

Why, might you ask? I ask you, why the heck not? Green tea has been my savior. It has comforted me while I cried, it made me feel better after I ate enough food to slow a whale, it settled my stomach when I was hungover or sick, it warmed my hands and my body when it was bitterly cold out, it cleansed me of the birthday drinks, it boosted my metabolism on days when I didn’t feel like working out (and made me pee so much that all the walking I did to the bathroom was kind of like a workout), it was a companion for boredom instead of the entire contents of my pantry, and it is basically the tastiest piece of goodness on the planet.

I know, some of you may not agree about that last point, about green tea being the tastiest piece of goodness on the planet (even though you are wrong, let’s agree to disagree J ), but you cannot deny that it is a superfood beyond superfoods. Is it still a superfood if it’s not, technically, a solid? Let’s go with yes, this isn’t a scientific article! If you don’t like green tea, or haven’t tried it, here’s why you need to give it another shot, and jump on the bandwagon.

Matcha Tea

Matcha Tea

Green tea does WONDERS when you’re trying to shed weight, lose the bloat and generally feel good about yourself and life. Green tea is full of that magical word “antioxidants”, and it not only helps fight diseases (yay, no more sick days where we can’t work out or just feel like crap!), it can improve your brain function, helps reduce anxiety, can throw your metabolism into high gear, flushes out all the badness going on in your gut, and may help reduce your risk of cancer. It also, and this is a super personal one for me because my Grandfather recently passed away from Alzheimer’s, helps protect your brain when you’re grey and wrinkly. And, if you don’t want to end up grey and wrinkly, green tea might also have an effect on how we age; given the fact that my mom looks about 10 years younger than she is and has been an avid tea drinker since forever, I’m going to choose to believe this one (but also, side note to wear sunscreen because she puts that on religiously too).

*Insert: I am not a doctor (obviously), but the people behind the lovely research at this website, have all sorts of sciencey fact to support everything I just said, so check it out*

Green Tea Fields

Green Tea Fields in Korea

I think the big question here is, “Why AREN’T you a green tea drinker?” Welp, some people complain about the bitter taste…and that is a totally valid point. What these people don’t know though, is that green tea comes in FLAVOURS. That’s right, the good tea makers of the world have been infusing green tea with all sorts of yummy tastes to make your medicine go down uber smoothly. That is some serious Mary Poppins magic right there.

If you don’t believe me, you can check out David’s Tea, a Canadian store that has most of my money because their tea is super delicious and their products wicked cool. My personal favourite from David’s is “Kiwi’s Big Adventure”, but they have ALL sorts of other cool teas too with names like “Countess of Seville”, “Dragonwell”, “Green Seduction” (hello!), “Movie Night” (uhh they tell you to pair it with popcorn, like a freaking wine connoisseur, badasss), and “The Spice is Right” (I’ll tell you what else is going to be spicey when you drink this! Wink wink).

Green Tea ice Cream


In all seriousness, tea has been such a wonderful aide in my own weight loss journey, and I highly encourage you to try it out. If you don’t like the idea of straight green tea, try a flavoured one. If that still bugs your taste buds, try some matcha ice cream to get used to the flavor (and have a tasty treat too!), order a green tea latte (and get past the mental block of “Coffee.Coffee.”), or turn the hot drink into a tasty cool one on a summer day.

All I know is that tea doesn’t just make me look better; it makes me feel better internally too. Anyone who struggles with weight loss or healthy eating knows that “not everything is quite right in my body” feeling, and when I feel like this a cuppa helps put everything right again. Maybe it’s just the English heritage in me talking, but I attribute a lot of my “feel good” to tea, and we can’t forget that a huge part of looking good is feeling good, feeling light, in our own skin. So, on a morning commute, why not try that green tea or green tea latte for a change?

I’m not promising you’ll see a difference right away, or that you’ll even like it right away, but I do guarantee that if you make tea a part of your daily routine, you will: pee more (and be less bloated), feel healthier (and make better food choices), be more alert (and feel cleaner internally than you do with coffee), have clearer skin (because hello, more water intake), and have a great friend to turn to when you’re sad, cold, or bored.

Japan Tea House

Japanese Tea House

A lot of the times, what we’re struggling with in an effort to live lighter isn’t really the diet or the exercise, it’s all of the reasons why we make those choices NOT to eat healthy or NOT to exercise…and at times like those, when we feel like we’re alone in our struggle, or like we need something to right the world, a warm cup of tea between your hands fills that void nicely, and does so without that, seemingly inevitable, chocolate binge, pizza scarfing marathon, and wine drinking palooza. Best of all, you won’t be left with the added weight of feeling guilty for having done those things (and, let’s face it, that guilt usually makes us eat more), and that in itself will help lead to better resolve, better self-love and greater happiness and lightness overall.


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